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Purpose: To provide volunteers with an understanding of the standards regarding use of biographical information about Washington University alumni, parents and friends. This data is privileged and confidential. Volunteers are expected to handle it responsibly, discreetly, and with respect for each individual’s right to privacy.

Washington University seeks to protect the privacy of its constituents and, thus, endeavors to safeguard the usage of information in its custody. To that end, the Office of University Advancement provides constituent information to volunteers only under the conditions outlined in this policy. The Office of University Advancement reserves the right to decline requests.


  1. Information provided to volunteers about specific constituents (including name, degree, contact information, employer name and title, and giving information) is considered strictly confidential. This information is to be used by volunteers solely in the performance of duties as a Washington University volunteer.
  2. This information is for official Washington University in St. Louis use.  Use of this information for any other purpose, including, but not limited to, reproducing and storing in a retrieval system by any means, electronic or mechanical; photocopying; or using the addresses or other information for private, commercial, or political mailing is strictly prohibited.
  3. Information may not be transferred to any other party outside the volunteer system.
  4. The information received is not to be used for any purposes other than those for which it has been provided.
  5. Use of confidential information to market or sell products or services, or use in the solicitation of funds or for programmatic purposes for any entity other than Washington University, is expressly prohibited.
  6. Proper disposal of confidential information includes shredding printed materials, deleting electronic files or returning the information to Washington University.

All volunteers are required to adhere to this policy. Breaches in confidentiality may result in my termination of access to confidential information, or termination of volunteer opportunities with Washington University at the discretion of the primary staff contact. Questions regarding this policy may be directed to your primary staff contact.


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