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To encourage you to pay it forward, a group of anonymous parents has created a Class of 2021 Scholarship Challenge. If you contribute $50, $21, or even $5.21, it will be matched with $100! For your gift of any amount, you also will receive a gold 2021 philanthropy cord to wear proudly at Commencement.

I know it's hard to think about "giving back" at this point. And making a small gift to WashU might not seem important with everything going on in our lives, but it really will make a big difference in at least one new WashU student’s life. Please join your classmates in supporting the Class of 2021 Scholarship today.


Recent Donors

Name Amount
  • Sabrina Baxamusa
  • Drake Carter
  • Rebecca Greenstein
  • Yiwen Ju
  • Lena Khanolkar
  • Ryan Kong
  • Alana Korol
  • Allison Levitas
  • Liujie Lu
  • Adrian Sherwood
  • Blake Siegel
  • Anxu Wang
  • Wentao Wu
  • Rachel Zemser
  • Ziyi Zhang


Philanthropy Cord

Anyone who makes a gift will receive a philanthropy cord to wear during commencement.