32nd Annual Washington University in St. Louis Pow Wow



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The Washington University in St. Louis Pow Wow has been held annually for 31 years, since 1991. Pow Wows bring Native Americans and non-Native people together to dance, socialize, sing and celebrate. Each year the Pow Wow committee chooses a theme to highlight American Indian/Alaska Native culture. This year, the 32nd annual Pow Wow, is themed “Connectedness is Medicine” and will be held April 22, 2023.

Pow Wow allows attendees to celebrate and honor American Indian/Alaska Native traditions and is open to all people of all ages. This is a student run event is coordinated by students and scholars of The Kathryn M. Buder Center for American Indian Studies at the Brown School at Washington University. The Buder Center develops programs and curriculum, engages in research, builds relationships and partnerships with communities and people, and develops the ability of its students and alumni to make positive change in Indian Country. The student committee is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the Pow Wow, from engaging with dancers and drummers from across Indian Country, to raising the funds necessary to host this educational and cultural event.