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Growing up in Taiwan and moving to the United States as an international student my junior year of high school, studying at Washington University seemed unrealistic for me. When I was advised by Parkway Central High School’s college counselor to apply, I really hesitated. However, I was encouraged by others whom all highly recommended Washington University, not just as an academically excellent institution, but for its friendliness and inclusiveness towards international students. 

When I got my acceptance letter, it was like winning the lottery. Attending Washington University was an invaluable experience to me. Along the way, I had many amazing professors and counselors who had really taken me in and offered not only advice and internship opportunities, but also emotional support. Dr. Paul Stein, Dr. David Ho, Dr. Tom Lin, Dr. Laura Dugan, Dr. Dennis Choi, and Dr. Barbara Schaal had taught me so much and encouraged me to pursue a career in medicine during a time when it was quite challenging for an international student to get accepted into medical school. 

Through all the education and experiences that Washington University provided, I was accepted into the School of Medicine at the University Southern California. Going straight to medical school after graduating with honors from WashU was definitely not something that I had imagined when moving to the United States. 

Washington University is also where I met my husband of 20 years, Lawrence Chang, BS ’94, MS ’96 from the School of Engineering. After we both graduated from WashU, his brother and sister attended Olin Business School, totaling 4 alums in our family.  

In 2000, after I graduated top of my class from USC Medical School, Lawrence and I were married. Lawrence had been working at an investment company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania since graduating from WashU. To join him, I moved to Philadelphia and started my residency in Internal Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. After I finished my residency, we moved to Los Angeles and had our two daughters, Sophia and Makayla. 

I worked part time in internal medicine private practices until we moved back to Taiwan in 2010. Now I work part time as a physician consultant and spend rest of my time on charitable works. Washington University will always be in a special place in our hearts. Lawrence and I want to thank Washington University for making us who we are today. We are thrilled to participate in this challenge and hope all our classmates can join us too!

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Amber Hallock Ackerman
Jeremy Ackerman
Syed Ahmad
Sean Altschul
Holly Amatangelo
Thomas Anderson
Lynn Apfel
Debra Warren Appelbaum
Barbara Pfifferling Arnold
Jennifer Behr
Michael Behrens
Heather Field Benedict
Jason Berger
Todd Biggs
Natasha Dunham Bigsby
Robert Black
Matthew Blain
Erica Watnick Boas
Iqbal Brainch
Daric Brege
Jonathan Brenner
Rebecca Brotman
Vonetta Brown
Byron Brownstein
Chad Carter
Danielle Coe Carter
Cecilia Castro-Caratini
Paul Chang
Alissa Chariton
Jonathan Chen
Rachel Gena Chiss
Candace Choma
Emily Rennard Chrysler
Karina Clarke
Robin Foster Cole
Fiona Chandra Coleman
Monica Colom
Ethan Cowan
Shelley Wetsell Crary
Connie Lee Cruz
Victoria Gardos D'Annunzio
Wasim Dar
Maria Davila
Andrew Denlow
Tracey Kasper Denlow
Michael Dixon
Ronald Dolin
Cheryl Rubenstein Drazin
Shawnda Drummond
Robert Dunakin
Tara Zwick Ellsley
Sara Elson
Matthew Ettus
Zach Falck
Christopher Fernandez
Carolyn Bloom Folkl
Kevin Folkl
Megan Foster-Campbell
Lisa Friedman Fuller
Jonathan Furr
Matthew Gaeta
Kimberly Hodges Gantt
David Gasperow
Joseph Gaut
Mark Gillespie
Ryan Gish
Jonathan Glass
Josh Goldberg
Jason Golush
Jason Gordon
Eric Grant
Shani Greenberg
Jason Greenstein
Aaron Greer
Karlton Gruendel
Harisha Haigh
Steve Han
Amy Harris
Travis Harrison
Matthew Hempey
Amy Graveman Herman
Douglas Heyman
Paul Himmelstein
Susan Brandt Himmelstein
Deborah Schrager Hoffnung
Debra Mayers Hollander
Jason Hollander
Elizabeth Haines Holloway
James Huang
Elizabeth Stack Huebner
Stephen Huebner
Danny Idryo
Allyson Jacobson
Jennifer Adler Jacobus
Matt Jeans
Michele Berger Jeans
Shawn-Michael Johnson
Vanita Clark Johnson
William Johnson
Jeffrey Kaban
Amy Cook Kang
Achyut Kantawala
Jennifer Kennish
Lisa Kim Kim Bartin
K. Kinoshita
Noren Kirksey
David Kirsch
Mark Klapow
Gary Komenaka
Megan Snyder Korn
Pranav Kothari
William Krasnor
Michelle Pogue Kratzer
Jennifer Krause
Nita Kulkarni
Varuni Kumara
Erik L'Heureux
David Lang
Rebecca Lantz
Melinda Block Laz
Caroline Zatcoff Leavitt
Andrew Lenzen
Brian Lerch
Brett Levin
Royana Lin
Benny Liu
Renee Liu
Wing-Yee Lu
Caroline Bullock Lyon
Kathleen Mager
David Mandell
Daniel Mannes
Marisa Feder Marcus
Allen Mattison
Cara Pollock Mattison
Seth Merritt
Gregory Messina
Scott Metsch
Jessica Schutzbank Miller
Karl Mueller
Nandini Nagarajan
Andrea Wener Needlman
Peter Newton
Calvin Ngan
Nik Nik Ibrahim
Philip Olinger
David Olson
William Pace
Kimberly Ciesla Petersen
Barbara Peterson
Joshua Platt
Alberto Poma
Karla Minkoff Popper
Dana Pownall
Jeffrey Pressman
Seth Promisel
Pun Punyaratabandhu
Jason Purcell
Mandy Randolph
Jonathan Raskin
Solomon Reda
Shelley Swan Reed
Stephen Reiland
Ryan Rhea
Alecia Riewerts
Todd Rodgers
Nakiisa Johnson Rogers
Laroy Roper
Micah Rose
Giselle Santibanez-Bania
Mark Satisky
Melissa Schwartzberg
Derek Scott
Danielle Seligmann
Beth Shapiro
Corey Shapiro
Meira Shapiro
Lenny Shaver
Caleb Shen
Denie Robinson Sidney
Lori Newman Simon
Meredith Singer
Annika Smith
Larry Smith
Tim Spiker
Edward Spitznagel
Andrew Srenco
Melanie Vail Staus
Marisa Van Dongen Stavenas
Amy Stein Wood
Jason Stern
Marc Stober
Jennifer Tanabe
Meredith Tarr
Elissa Pearlman Taub
Seth Theriault
Matthew Thiel
Mitchell Turner
Laura Unanue
Ayala Weiner Usdin
Mimi Van Ausdall
Alok Verma
Michael Walsh
C.K. Wang
Haitong Wang
Sarah Seiden Warsetsky
Stuart Warsetsky
Jesse Wei
Jason Wenzlaff
Julie Sherman Whitney
Antoinette Bordeaux Wilkins
Anastasia White Williams
William Williams
K. Wilson-Wong
Jillian Leviton Wiseman
Alka Woods Woodard
Wendy Jenks Woodford
Jonathan Wrotny
Marc Yoskowitz
Benjamin Zimmermann


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