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The late Chancellor Emeritus William H. Danforth, whose grandfather founded the Ralston Purina Company, never regarded privilege as a birthright. For him, good fortune came with a sense of purpose and a responsibility to give back. One of Washington University’s greatest and humblest leaders, Dr. Danforth served Washington University for more than 65 years, including 24 as our 13th chancellor from 1971 to 1995. 

Even if you didn’t know him personally, you certainly benefited from Dr. Danforth’s vision and compassionate leadershipWe ask you to make your Class Gift in honor of Dr. Danforth and in celebration of your own contribution to our incredible WashU story. 

When combined, individual gifts provide resources that address urgent issues and support promising opportunities through scholarships, research programs, technology upgrades, library enhancements, career services, and more. Join your classmates and make a gift that honors our past and builds a better future for every WashU student.

See how the Class of 1971 is tracking: Reunion Class Gift Results. Any and all gifts to Washington University are included in the Reunion Class Gift totals.

Washington University is pleased to acknowledge the special support of your classmates. If you would like to add your name to this list by a making a contribution to your Class Gift, please contact the Reunion Class Gift Office at 314-935-2848 or make your gift today.


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  • Rolf Albers
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  • Mary Dickson Ballinger
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  • Nancy Berkinshaw-Cohen
  • Peggy Walter Bethel
  • Fran Block
  • Theodore Bornstein
  • Joyce Wolk Branfman
  • Pamela Weeks Braun
  • Alvin Bronstein
  • Terri Silverblatt Brown
  • Lawrence Burrows
  • Leo Carbol
  • Sam Cardinale
  • Bonnie Rodcay Carson
  • Charles Chamberlin
  • Milton Chambers
  • Steven Cho
  • Nancy Norton Clark
  • John Clear
  • Richard Cohen
  • Ian Cohn
  • Mitzi Metcalf Cole
  • Michael Crawford
  • Harold Crumpton
  • Nathan Dardick
  • James Davidson
  • Ronald DeGuerre
  • Patrick DeHaven
  • Christina Dickson
  • Barry Dix
  • Diane Lazarus Eichner
  • Ronald Eichner
  • Jack Elder
  • Roby Enge
  • Martin Fischer
  • Tova Fish-Rosenberg
  • J. Fozard
  • Veronica Friel
  • Mark Fuhrman
  • Sally Gabriel
  • Richard Galen
  • Elliott Garsek
  • Daniel Geffner
  • David Glatstein
  • D. Glover
  • Mark Gold
  • Jeffrey Goldstein
  • Gisela Gonzalez
  • Mark Goran
  • Andrea Grant
  • Gerald Greiman
  • Alan Grinberg
  • David Gross
  • Roberta Poore Gutwein
  • Victor Habib
  • Thomas Hanewinkel
  • Martin Harris
  • Cynthia Green Hartley
  • Albert Heller
  • Thomas Helscher
  • Kathleen Lauer Hillner
  • Cynthia Holmes
  • Christine Jubel Homan
  • Thomas Hubbell
  • Edith Jackson
  • Andrea Zoltan Kahnovitch
  • Winilue Feltmann Klein
  • Thomas Klein
  • Roger Klein
  • Gail Brody Klein
  • Eugenie Kleinerman
  • Ruth Kleinerman Kleinrock
  • Henry Klibanoff
  • Douglas Kohn
  • Michele Kopolow
  • Natalia Hyk Kozak
  • Judith Korn Kreisman
  • Ellen Cool Kwait
  • Andrew Kwait
  • Barbara Levy Landes
  • Ronald Lang
  • Robert Lenobel
  • Gary Lerner
  • Barry Lesht
  • Bruce Levenson
  • Steven Lichtenfeld
  • Ruth-Ellen Lichtenfeld
  • Nancy Liebman
  • Gail Schermer Lipe
  • Jeffrey Los
  • Aphrodite Loutas
  • Timothy Love
  • Joseph Madison
  • Neil Marks
  • Joan Husch Mass
  • Douglas Mayers
  • Rita Scherer McLellan
  • Gail Ellis Meltzner
  • Lane Miller
  • Patrice Cooper Moran
  • Linda Russell Moran
  • Margaret Zonia Morrison
  • Thomas Noble
  • David O'Brien
  • Mary Pickett Parker
  • Marv Pearlstein
  • Kenneth Peters
  • Karen Peterson
  • Linda Pevnick
  • James Phillips
  • Carol Limmer Piening
  • Frank Ptacek
  • Sara Rosenfeld Reisman
  • Barbara Cooper Roberts
  • David Roberts
  • Robert Roediger
  • Karen Olchowski Ross
  • Milton Ross
  • Ronald Ryan
  • Scott Sauerbrunn
  • Allen Saxon
  • Michael Schneider
  • Jeffrey Schott
  • Kenneth Schwartz
  • John Shipley
  • George Short
  • Robert Simon
  • Lucy Silverberg Smith
  • Nancy Lubar Sommers
  • Theodore Soule
  • William Stevenson
  • Susan Swann
  • Paula Varsalona-Marino
  • Stephen Vitale
  • Volker Von Glasenapp
  • Mary Blasberg Von Hoff
  • Mark Waksberg
  • Barbara Muhlack Wall
  • Bette Warren
  • Cissy Pao Watari
  • Cheryl Herron Watts
  • Marc Weiner
  • William Wibbing
  • Jane Lowy Yarian
  • William Yeager
  • Terry Yokota


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